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Outstanding Achievements in Mathematics Competitions

Congratulations to my Grade 6 students who challenged themselves with the Grade 8 University of Waterloo Gauss Competition and earned a Distinction.

Krish, Emina, Olivia, Gia and Emily

Kaden & Dylan

Kaden & Dylan

Grade 3 & 6

Congratulations to Kaden and Dylan for achieving Distinctions in the Thales and Pythagoras Competitions, and to Dylan for ranking in the top 25% in the University of Waterloo Mathematics Competition! Well done, boys.



Grade 3

Congratulations to Luna from Grade 3 for winning the Thales Distinction! Her remarkable achievement at such a young age showcases her exceptional talent and dedication to mathematics. Well done, Luna, for your outstanding performance!



Grade 4

Congratulations, Alston, on being accepted into the Multi-Age Cluster Class (MACC) program for highly gifted children! Your dedication to math will undoubtedly propel you forward.

Welcome to Ms. T Class

Stretching my students’ academic abilities while retaining their love for learning.

Online Learning

About my class

In my class, I want to break away from traditional tutoring centres where students go for additional help. I take a new and unique approach by providing carefully planned daily lessons that are customized to the students’ ability and level via an online tutoring platform. The lessons are further enhanced by supplementing it with a once or twice a week face to face sessions to build rapport and support the student in other ways which are not possible with an online platform. My vision is to groom my students to be independent learners and critical thinkers whilst maintaining a platform that is appealing to them, the 21 century learner.

For Students
  • Get access to online learning platform with over 10 million math questions and counting
  • Learn at their own pace at their convenience
  • Self-assessment by taking quizzes
  • Learn by viewing video / PDF presentations
  • Get access to online resources include collections of prior exam questions from each of the courses offered at various schools with extensive reviewing testing patterns.
  • Customized math questions (MST-CLASS own syllabus)
  • Extra: Singapore Math mid-term/final exam questions (more than 60000 questions)
  • Extra: International MATH KANGAROO Contest-Game (review last 10 years competition paper)
  • Learn at your own pace efficiently and conveniently
  • For tutoring sessions/assignments which you missed, it will be available online
  • Review past tutorials/assignments any number of times
  • Rate the content (feedback is important as it enhances the quality of content)
  • Become a confident learner: chart your own progress and feel instant success
For Parents
  • Access to their child’s progress report anytime
  • Weekly e-record logs will be emailed out
  • Analytics: measure responses and effectiveness of teaching; and evaluate child
  • Instant feedback between teacher and parent via the e-portal
  • Cost effective: cheaper than sending your child for traditional tuition
  • Save time: Less travelling time

Summer In-class Schedule

Year 2024


Details to be announced.
9 am - 12pm
2 pm - 5pm


Details to be announced.
9 am - 12pm
2 pm - 5pm